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3 Ways Tai Chi Can Reduce Stress

Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular as a way to beat stress. While it was originally considered a form of self-defense, it has evolved into a kind of exercise. The graceful movements involved help with a host of health conditions, in addition to reducing stress. The gentle, flowing movements promote a sense of serenity.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese art form that is described as meditation in motion. It is a system of moderate physical exercise and stretching. Tai chi involves performing a succession of moves in a focused, slow manner while paying attention to your breath. Your body is continuously moving as each action flows into the next without any pauses.

Here are 3 ways tai chi can help you stay mentally healthy and keep stress at bay.

1. It Promotes Relaxation

As we go about our daily lives, negative energy and emotions get trapped within our bodies. Tai chi promotes the release of physical tension which in turn allows for the release of emotional stress. A tai chi practice session helps the body feel more balanced and relaxed by breaking up the tension in the body. It can help you feel instantly better and leave you feeling lighter and happier long after the actual workout. So, the next time you’re feeling particularly stressed out, give tai chi a try.

2. It Can Help You Think More Clearly and Calmly

Tai chi gives your mind the space to focus on the task at hand, an effect which lasts well beyond the practice session. It is about concentrating on the flow of the movement and the present move, rather than thinking about what comes next. It can move energy from the brain and distribute it to the rest of the body. When you’re stressed out, there are several jangled and conflicting thoughts going through your mind.
Tai chi can train the brain to focus on the present instead of worrying about the future or regretting past transgressions. This way the mind is able to calm down and see things more clearly.

3. It Controls the Physical Symptoms Of Stress

A number of medical studies have shown that tai chi can promote emotional and physical well-being. Practitioners of this exercise form report a reduction in the intensity and frequency of tension headaches. Tai chi also brings relief from other physical symptoms of stress such as chest pain, tense muscles, rapid heartbeat, and Insomnia. It has an energizing effect on the body and mind and is a great way to get the day started.

Many of us want to get a handle on the stress in our lives but don’t know where to begin. Practicing tai chi is a simple and effective approach to stress reduction.


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