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3 Simple Ways to Maintain Metallic Bracelets

The last thing you wish for your expensive bracelet is to lose its charming beauty. Metallic bracelets, for instance, gold, are often scratched or entangled. Worse yet, you may be contributing to the destruction of your jewel without knowing.

It is simple to maintain your metallic bracelets. First, you need to be cautious about the cleaning process as well as storage. Secondly, you should monitor how you wear or remove the metal bracelet.

Lastly, you should not expose the gold bracelet to direct sunlight. Let’s explore more below.

1.    Rethink Cleaning the Bracelet

Clean your bracelet, for instance, a gold bracelet, at least once a month. During cleaning, avoid using soap or detergent whose chemical composition you are unaware of. Reason?

Gold, being a metal reacts with most non-metals or acids. Most soaps contain reactive agents that would wash away the beautiful layer on your gold bracelet.

Instead, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Using a soft toothbrush, gently rub the surfaces of your metallic bracelet. Rinse your jewel in warm water then dry with a warm, lint-free cloth.

Don’t use tissues for drying because they may contain tiny sand or wood droplets that can scratch the face of your metallic bracelet.

Thereafter, store the metallic bracelet in a plastic bag. Alternatively, store the jewel in a fabric-lined box with distinguished compartments.

This will prevent your bracelet from unnecessary scratch or tangle. Besides, it will reduce potential exposure to externally harmful elements.

In a storage box, let your jewel lie horizontally. This will reduce the potential wearing off of delicate joints and color.

2.    When and how to Remove the Bracelet

Do not sleep with your metallic bracelet. Sleeping while wearing the bracelet can harm either the jewel or you. For example, you may end up breaking the silver bracelet for women.

Worse yet, the damaged pieces can find their way into delicate parts of your body like the ears, eyes, or nose.

When dressing, wear your clothes and put on the bracelet last. Likewise, during undressing, remove the bracelet before proceeding to remove your clothes. This style of dressing and undressing is to avoid unnecessary tamper with the delicate jewel parts.

This means you should leave your jewel at home as you go shopping for clothes. It is especially important if you will wear clothes at the shop.

Again, you should remove your metallic bracelet when swimming. Chlorine, in the swimming pool, is acidic. When it comes into contact with your metallic bracelet, a chemical reaction will occur. As a result, the covetous layer of your metallic bracelet will get washed away.

Also, before bleaching, remove your metallic bracelet. Alternatively, wear thick rubber gloves. Ensure the gloves fully cover your precious wrist jewel.

Still, on chemical reaction, avoid applying perfumes with the metallic bracelet on your body. Better yet, do not wear the bracelet after applying perfume.

3.    Avoid direct Sun and Heat

Try your best not to expose the metallic bracelets to direct sunlight. The strong incoming radiations can decolorize your admirable yellow gold bracelet.

Keep the bracelet away from excessive heat. Since you don’t know the extent of heat that would initiate the melting of the bracelet, avoid wearing the jewel near any source of heat.

To see your jewel last, stick to the old saying of, ‘store in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight.’


You need the glowing trait of your bracelet to last. Besides, you never dream of seeing your bracelet scratch, entangle, or lose its parts. Therefore, you should be careful during wearing, undressing, and washing.

All the precautions boil down to the fact that metallic traits in the bracelet require you to mind the chemical interaction of the jewels. Besides, the metallic jewels can be so delicate that a little pressure could make you lose your expensively acquired bracelet.

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