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3 Pros And Cons Of A Wallet Phone Case

You may have heard the proverb ‘less is more.’ It’s a saying many people take to heart since minimalism is sometimes a good thing. If you’re the type who leans toward purchases that answer both form and function, you might appreciate getting a wallet phone case.

Wallet phone cases aren’t entirely new creations. They’ve been around since the 2010s and are still attracting many people today. Their appeal comes from their compact size and multi-functionality. But like any good thing, a wallet phone case also has downsides.

Before buying your first wallet phone case, check out its advantages and disadvantages below. 

The Pros

Here are the unique benefits of a wallet phone case:

1. Phone Protection 

Perhaps the primary reason why people use wallet phone cases is to protect their valuables. These cases are more durable than the jelly or plastic types you can easily find in stores. They also usually come with a cover flap to shield your phone screen from scratches. 

Fortunately, there are cases designed for well-known phone brands and models. You can find a suitable one for your smartphone, regardless of its kind. A high-quality iPhone card case should protect your phone from damage due to direct impact or falls.  

2. Easy To Bring

A wallet phone case means you only need one item to keep your phone and money. Its compact design should fit most pockets and purses. Some even come in slimmer shapes for maximum portability.

Despite its size, a wallet phone case can usually hold up to three cards along with your phone. The notion that your smartphone can demagnetize your cards is a remote possibility and, therefore, not a cause for concern. On the contrary, your wallet phone case offers RFID protection for your credit and debit cards. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about thieves secretly stealing your cards’ information when you’re not looking.

Whether you’re bringing a tiny handbag, a fanny pack, or neither, you can take a wallet phone case anywhere. You’ll have more space in your bag or pocket, lightening your load when you go out for errands.

3. Trendy And Fashionable

Wallet phone cases are not only protective but also stylish. There is a multitude of designs that can satisfy your aesthetic tastes, giving you a reason to show off your phone in public. You may have gone through different cases when switching to a new phone.  

Older wallet phone cases were usually made of leather and available in limited colors. However, recent designs feature exciting patterns and colorful prints to match your personality or daily outfits. Other types have straps, so you can easily slip your wrist through them when your hands are full. Some manufacturers may also offer engraving services to customize your wallet phone case.

The Cons

The following are the downsides of a wallet phone case: 

1. Lose One, Lose All

A wallet phone case’s best feature can also be its worst disadvantage. This item consolidates your phone, cards, and cash into one carrier. So, if you lose the case, you lose everything in it.

This is a significant issue for many wallet phone case owners. Losing your primary tool for communication and your money is extremely dangerous. Smartphones store so much confidential information and are usually connected to your bank accounts. If someone else accesses this info, they could commit identity theft and bank fraud.

The only practical way to avoid this is to always be vigilant. Keep your wallet phone case in your hands, pocket, or bag as much as possible. 

2. Can Be Bulky

Unfortunately, not all wallet phone cases are slim enough for pockets. Since it houses your phone and money, you’d expect it to be typically thicker than most smartphone cases. And the more cards and cash you have, the bulkier your case becomes. Don’t forget, too, that some phone models are pretty huge.

If you don’t mind a little heft, your wallet phone case should fit snugly in deep pockets. You might not even notice it’s there. However, it’s not the same for other people, who may find the bulk of this case uncomfortable. If you’re one of these people, you can lessen the weight and bulk by removing some cards from the case or forgoing the spare change.   

3. Not Long-Lasting

Wallet phone cases aren’t indestructible. They’ll eventually break down as a result of regular wear and tear or due to improper care. Some models may even crack or break if you put too many cards inside. 

One way to extend your phone case’s lifespan is not to overload it with too many cards or money because it will warp its form and weaken it. Aside from that, ensure that it stays dirt-free. Clean your smartphone case regularly to keep it from harboring bacteria from your phone, cards, and loose change.


If you want a portable item that does its job of protecting and storing your valuables, a wallet phone case is an excellent product. It’s sleek and compact enough to slip in small purses or your jeans pocket. 

Always keep it close and take it out only when you need it. Your observant eyes are the best protector of your precious phone and cards from pickpockets.

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