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3 Myths About the Effects of Exercise on Your Skin

It doesn’t make sense to deny how good you feel after a good workout session. The body has energy, your blood flows, your muscles are more flexible, your skin looks radiant and flushed, and you finally feel like you have achieved something during the day. But what about all that you have to do to get there?

It is likely that the internet and your friends are filling your head with ideas that are not truth; although they probably have the best intentions in mind, these are often based on rumors. So, in order to clear your head and let you in on some factual knowledge, here are three super common myths about the effects of exercise on your skin that you need to ignore once and for all.

Myth 1: Exercising helps you eliminate skin toxins

This is partially true, but less than we think. Your sweat is mostly water, and while there are residues in it that can be considered toxins, it remains mostly water. In fact, you must be careful with sweat because it can have some impact on your skin, especially if you are prone to getting acne. As a rule, you should wash your face before and after going to the gym and of course, take a shower if you sweat too much. Look for body cleansing wipes: these items are very practical and can be carried in your gym bag. Use them to remove dirt, grease, and sweat that can cause pimples.

Myth 2: Not all exercises are good for your skin

False. Exercise is always good, taking into account that you are doing it in a clean place. Training, whatever it is, increases blood flow which nourishes skin cells. If you end up with too much redness on your skin, there are some post-workout neutralizing powders that can help to neutralize and minimize redness. So you can exercise as hard as you can, without being noticed. Just make sure to wash your face after your workout, as mentioned above.

Myth 3: Only some people get skin benefits from exercising

The benefits of exercise are universal, even if you have a tendency to acne. Going to the gym for at least 45 minutes improves circulation and oxygenates the body, nourishing it and helping the cells to regenerate, which is why it is great to prevent aging. In addition, it gives you that natural healthy glow that is always fashionable.


What You Should Know Before Starting to Exercise

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