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3 Gorgeous Color Trends for Short Hairstyles

Do you love your short hairstyle but you want to spice it up a bit? If you do not want to grow your hair long but you want to revamp your style, one thing that you can consider is to have a new hair color. This will do a dramatic change in your look without the need to grow your hair long or cut it even shorter. 

Whether you have a bob, chopped or layered short haircut, there are fabulous colors that you can choose from so you would look fashion forward. Here are the best options that will transform you from beautiful to absolutely stunning!

Attention-Grabbing Blonde

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For the trendiest look for this season, forget about the traditional gold blonde. It is time for you take this color to a notch higher. From the runway to the red carpet, platinum blonde is such a big hit. 

This color looks more like grey instead of gold. It is characterized by the lustrous strands which make the color stand out even more, especially if it is directly hit by light. To make your platinum blonde look much more captivating, ask your stylist to dye the roots in deep black. This gives a good contrast to balance out the blondeness of your hair.

If your hair is naturally blonde or very light, take a look at the top unique hair colour ideas this year, which include pretty shades of lavender, ‘dusty’ pink and pretty peach.  Again, the softer strawberry-blonde, rose-gold and light copper highlights are still going strong and you can design your own highlighting pattern with the help of your colourist.

Feisty Red

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If you want to exude sexiness and appeal, this is the perfect color choice. To look more stylish, do not pick the cherry red or reddish-brown hue. The right choice is the hot red color which will really cause heads to turn. This color will make your short hair more distinctive. To achieve the perfect feisty red color, you might want to add some highlights of red-orange and deep burgundy. This gives more volume and intricacy to your hair color so that it would not look limp and flat. 

Accentuated Brown

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Chocolate brown is such a big hit these days. The rich brown color is a good choice if you want to add more life to a dull hairstyle. It is a very classy choice which works perfectly especially for career women. That way, you can still look trendy without pushing the limits. If you want a stylish chocolate brown color for your short hair, you can add streaks of copper or auburn. Just keep in mind that this has to be strategically done in the right segments of your hair to be able to achieve the perfect chocolate brown shade. 

These are the top three trends when it comes to hairstyle for this season. When choosing a hair color, make sure that you would not only think of the shade that you want. Ask your stylist about the type of hair dye that will be used. Some dyes are permanent while others can be washed off and gradually fade. 

There are also non-permanent dyes which will be gone the moment that you shower. Just specify how long you want your hair color to stay so your stylist can also pick the right dye to use. You would need to discuss with your stylist too if your hair has been previously treated or it has never been touched before because this affects the end result of the hair color. 

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