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3 DIY Natural Makeup Removers

Some beauty tips are just absolute musts, and we need to make sure to stick to them religiously. The very top of the list has to be removing your makeup every single night. Our skin really can’t afford to put up with our lazy late-night selves. The best step that hundreds of us can take to improve our skin condition is to stick to removing all of our makeup every single night.

Makeup removers come in countless forms. Now, while we’re here to preach all about makeup removers. we also have to acknowledge how many toxic ones are out there on the market. So many wipes and cleansing oils can contain chemicals that are too harsh and can cause more damage than good. That’s why we’re here to break down 4 simple DIY makeup removers that rely only on natural ingredients. These concoctions are straightforward, simple, and will save you some cash!

The One-Ingredient Wonder

Before you read the phrase ‘DIY’ and automatically turn away dreading the struggle of complex recipes, stick around for a second. This DIY natural makeup remover literally consists of decanting a product into another container. That’s about all the work it takes.

Olive oil is a natural DIY staple. The ingredient is good for a lot more than making pasta. Olive oil is actually an age-old skincare tool. Many people swear by it as their only skincare step. Well, we’re all about using it as a makeup remover. All you need to do is rub this into your skin to break down your makeup and just wipe it off with a wet towel. That’s all it takes!

This method can remove every single trace of makeup without stripping your skin. It actually leaves you with a beautiful, radiant glow!


If you like to steer clear of oils for fear of how your skin will react to them, then we have the recipe for you. This makeup remover does contain oil, but that’s only to help your makeup breakdown.

Take equal parts of water, oil, and witch hazel and mix them together. Then saturate a cotton pad with the creation and use it to remove your makeup. We suggest making this in bulk and keeping it beside your bed for a quick lazy night fix!

The witch hazel is a natural toner for your skin that keeps your pH balanced. It also works wonders on breakouts! The oil in the recipe helps this get rid of every drop of makeup without drying your skin out!

Castile Soap

If you’re looking for a seriously deep cleanse as well as makeup remover, then this one goes out to you. While this recipe consists of oil, as well, to give you all the hydration benefits, it also includes Castile soap to really get deep into your pores and give you a thorough cleanse.

Start with 1 cup of water, and then add 1 tsp of your Castile soap and 1 tsp of olive oil. You can either rub this into your skin with your fingertips or apply it using a cotton pad. Again, you get the breakdown and hydration that comes with using olive oil with the addition of Castile soap’s intense cleansing.


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