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25 Fall Denim Looks We’re Loving Right Now

Denim is arguably the most popular fabric in the world. Just take a look around you as you read this — whether out and about, or even in the comfort of your own home, lounging in your favorite pair.

Jeans truly are timeless. With every era, and every decade, comes a new interpretation of the fabric and a new way of styling it. It’s hard to pigeonhole such a widely classic fabric, but the truth is that fall just screams denim. It’s true. All the deep dark warm tones and fall fashion trends are just complemented so beautifully by denim. We don’t question it, we just love it. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some of our favorite fall denim looks that are giving us some serious inspo!

2017 Fall Denim Trends

While trends come and go, denim stays. It’s crazy how many different forms one simple classic can come in. Before we get into fangirling over these fashion bloggers rocking denim, let’s cover some 2017 basics.

Cropped Hems

We know it’s getting a little colder, but if you aren’t showing a bit of ankles, are you even trendy? 2017 has been all about cropped hems. Now this trend means two things: one, your hems have to be short enough for a bit of ankle to shine through, and two, is that the hems should be cut. Roughly chopped or precisely cut hems are very in and we’re all for it!

Party on the Top, Denim on The Bottom

While denim jackets and shirts are also very in, a trend we’ve noticed this year is to just keep it simple. The best way for you to rock denim is just to crack out your classic pair of jeans. It really is as simple as that. This year it’s all about your denim completing your look instead of stealing it, have more fun on the top. Play with layers or wear a wild and bold jumper. Either way, keep it simple with the denim and pair it with a party on top!

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