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21 Vegan Recipes to Enhance with Gochujang

One of Korea’s favorite sauces can now become your go-to ingredient in the kitchen.

Are you new to the special sauce that is gochujang? If so, here’s a quick lowdown. It’s
a spicy red paste often used in
Korean cuisine. For all the vegans out there that adore hot ingredients, this is the perfect addition to your spice repertoire.

Gochujang is made from soybeans, red chillis, salt and sticky rice. It is most commonly served with bibimbap, which is a traditional Korean meal served in a stone bowl. The vegan version of the bibimbap doesn’t contain any meat but is rich in vegetables and rice. Some people love to add mushrooms as a substitute.

There are many different ways to include this paste in your vegan meals. While many people think that eating vegan can become boring, we are here to prove the opposite. Thanks to this spice, now you can make all your favorite dishes much more intense and more delicious. It can easily be included in vegan tacos, roast potatoes, vegetable dishes, mac and cheese, wraps and salads. It’s all up to you to make things work your favorite way.

The taste of this spice very often depends on the brand that you use. Some deliver it extremely spicy while others will have you enjoy a less spicy version. Either way, in most cases it’s reserved for people who enjoy a strong taste.

Flip through these delicious vegan recipes that are spiced up with gochujang. Soon you will find it as an essential addition to most of your dishes. Thanks to its versatile use and unique taste, you can include it in your diet in many different ways. Snacks, salads, and main courses can all be spiced with this paste as long as you utilize these tasty recipes.

Koreatown Tacos

22 Vegan Recipes to Enhance with Gochujang Koreatwon Tacos

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