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SEXY Swimsuit Models You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Who are the SEXIEST Swimsuit models on Instagram?

Instagram is officially the most powerful social platform. Each day there is a brand new influencer with millions of followers. It is also the place where young women build their businesses and get to earn money.

Swimsuit models are the next big thing. Back in the day, these ladies had to score a big magazine cover that would launch their career. Thanks to social media, now everyone can be creative and become a star. But it doesn’t all just come for free. All of these women had to work very hard to get to where they are. Each one of them has an inspiring story behind her success.

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are Australia’s most popular influencers. The two business partners and best friends started their own swimwear company and are now taking over the world. Tash started her own business at only 18. She also launched a lifestyle blog that is today followed by 2 million people.

Natasha and Devin own the Monday Swimwear brand that constantly releases new swimsuit styles. They became so popular that their collections sell out in only days. The best thing about these two bombshells is that they are not the skinny models you are used to seeing. Both of them own envious curves and are not afraid to flaunt them. Through their messages of body positivity, many other girls find the courage to feel better about themselves.

Devin’s been modeling since she was 18. She first helped Tash launch the Bikini A Day blog, then became her business partner. These two ladies are real inspirations on how young women can become whoever they want to be. And it’s not always only about the looks.

Emily Ratajkowski is another familiar face you will see. This gorgeous model is constantly showing her amazing body on Instagram. The latest news from her is a new swimwear line. From now on you will see Emily rocking her own sexy designs in stunning pictures. Just like all of the other ladies in this article, Ratajkowski feels great in her skin. Dubbed as Inamorata Swim, the collection offers six new styles. They all start at $75 and are available on the brand’s website.

Check out these hot swimsuit models that are ultra-popular on Instagram. They might even inspire you to make big changes in your life. Eating healthy and working out regularly are the two things that they all practice in order to look that good.

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