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21 Sexy, Unexpected Twists on the French Manicure

The French manicure is the oldest nail trend that dates back from the 18th century. To this day, it’s still one of the most popular nail designs. Throughout the years, a lot of other trends appeared, but this one stayed to rule the rest. If you are tired of the classy, simple version, there are many other upgrades that you can do. There are also a lot of designs that will work wonders for fall 2017.

For example, spring and summer go with bright and fun colors. Pastels and bold, vibrant shades can be fit into the French manicure. It can be done in any color that you can think of. You can just change the classy white tips with another hue, or you can do the whole nails in a completely different color.

Fall and winter are usually reserved for darker and warmer colors. You have a whole palette of amazing colors to choose from. Black, on the other hand, is perfect for any season. The graphic nail designs are becoming very popular, so a fun idea is doing a black graphic French manicure. Metallics are also huge. It doesn’t matter if it is gold, silver, or rose gold. Doing just the tips of the nails should be enough. Take a look at these sexy upgrades of the iconic French manicure, and choose your favorite ones!

Black, Sexy French Manicure

Sexy, Unexpected Twists on the French Manicure black french manicure

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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