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21 80s Fashion Trends that We Still Wear Today

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This year is the year of throw-backs. We already witnessed many trends from the 70s and the 90s making a come-back. This 2017 they are upgraded and worn by the biggest trendsetters. Another decade that has a lot to offer is the 80s. These are years of exaggerated looks, prints, and fabrics. But if you know how to style most of them you will be a real fashion icon. Starting from power suits, animal print, to daring off-the-shoulder looks, these are all the 80s fashion trends you can still wear today.

The 80s are definitely a decade full of great fashion risks and strange trends. But there are also the popular clothing pieces that look amazing even today. Many popular bloggers and influencers started bringing back major fashion vibes from those years. And the 80s fashion trends are getting a revival on the red carpet too. A lot of celebrities are wearing sequined dressed that reminds very much of the ones from that decade.

Fanny packs are literally the must-have item of the year. Everyone is going crazy about these practical belt bags. If you thought that this is a ridiculous thing to wear, you are terribly wrong. Thanks to luxury brands such as Gucci we can all enjoy gorgeous fanny packs that match all types of outfits. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing it over a dress, coat or shirt. The new fanny packs are trendy and chic.

You are probably aware of the denim jacket trend. There isn’t a single fashionable person that doesn’t own one in their closet. What you might not know is that this trend dates back to the 80. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a regular jean jacket, an oversized one, patched, distressed, light or dark. It is very versatile and it will blend into all of your outfits.

During the 80s every single woman owned a pair of white boots or heels. This fashion month, the streets of Paris, Milan and New York were overflowing with white shoes of all types. Many high-end brands included white ankle boots in their collections for this winter. Do you need any more reasons to buy a pair?

Check out some of the biggest 80s trends that are popular today. You will see fashion bloggers rocking their fanny packs, bomber jackets, and metallic ensembles and making them look better than ever. These pictures will give you an inspiration on how to wear pieces that were re-invented from the past.

All-White Ensembles

21 80s Fashion Trends that We Still Wear Today White pants sweater

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

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