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2017’s Top Beauty Trends and the Ones We Hope Fade Away

Chrome Nails: YAY

We must admit, we’ve also spent countless hours on Instagram watching nail technician videos. There’s just something so intricate and satisfying about them! One of our favorite nail beauty trends of 2017 has to be chrome nails.


IG @sallyhansen

You know the ones. A painted nail suddenly has a powder brushed over it and is left looking completely metalized and mirrored. Chrome nails come in a number of shade options, but we’re most obsessed with rose gold chrome nails!

Household Makeup Tools: TRIPLE NAY

We dread to even think about how this trend came about the very first time….What possessed someone to pick up an egg and try applying their foundation with it? How about a fidget spinner? Any answers?????


IG @sadiaslayy

It’s hard for us to even fathom that this was ever a trend, but 2017 consisted of way too many beauty gurus attempting to apply makeup unusually. It was all about picking up your nearest household item and slathering your foundation on with it!

Honestly, we all know this trend was just a means of gaining attention and going viral. We’re secretly praying that is the only reason and that no one genuinely applied foundation with Louboutins every day.


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