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20 Most Gorgeous Chignon Looks of the Season

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“Can I get a chignon/bun?” is a term we hear loosely thrown around at every hair salon. It’s every bride’s request. What most of us fail to pick up on is the difference between the two; once you understand, that slash gets pretty redundant. When it comes to updos, chignons and buns are so frequently confused for the same thing. Before getting into what we love about them, let’s break it all down.

Difference Between a Bun & Chignon

A bun can be placed at any point on your head, most typically pretty high up. A chignon is strictly low and at the nape of your neck.
Chignons are generally more formal and elegant, whereas a bun can generally be considered a casual updo.

All of those bridal hairstyles you see actually fall under the category of chignon rather than buns!

What We Love About Chignons

You know that one pair of shoes you throw on when you know you want to elevate a look and feel elegant AF? Well a chignon works similarly. Chignons can vary from extremely complex and professionally-styled to a very simple knot at the nape of your neck; whatever form they come in, they’re guaranteed to add a splash of glam to every look!

We love all the room to play when it comes to chignons. You can throw in some braids and curls and give it a Grecian feel, or opt for a very sleek and smooth knot. The options are endless! A chignon truly is timeless and can work for every season and event; but we love how perfect they are for summer! They keep your hair out of the way while looking feminine and chic; it’s an ideal summer hairdo! Here are a few of our bookmarked chignon hairdo goals.


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