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Whether you want to avoid gaining weight or you want to stay on track while you maintain, here are my best tips to help you every day.

Whether you want to avoid gaining weight or you want to stay on track while you maintain, here are my best tips to help you every day.



Pack snacks. You never know when hunger will strike so packing healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, or a bar in your car or purse is always a smart idea.



Always eat breakfast. By eating breakfast every morning it will energize you, kick start your metabolism, and help you focus.



Eat every 3 to 4 hours. By keeping your body fueled every few hours with healthy whole foods, you will be able to say no more often to temptations.



Don’t skip meal. If you skip a meal that is setting you up to overeat or binge when you find food.



Eat before you go to the grocery store. If you have to go food shopping make sure you are fueled up before you go so that you are not tempted to buy everything in sight. Also, make sure you write a list of healthy food and go in there for what exactly you need.



Eat before you go to a party. Before I go to a party I like to eat a healthy snack. My favorite snack to eat is an apple and a handful of almonds. That way I won’t be tempted to eat too much. I allow myself to eat some fun foods while I am there. You got live a little, right!?



3 bite rule. When you want dessert, eat 3 bites and put the fork or spoon down. Taste it and enjoy or you will wear it the next day.



Keep dinners light. Most of us don’t expend too much energy at night. Keep your dinners light like a salad, juicing, or small portions of your favorite healthy eats.



Put your food on a small plate. When eating dinner at home, get a small plate and keep portions small.



Wait out cravings. Cravings usually last 10 minutes. Distract yourself by calling a friend or taking a walk. It will pass. If not, have some cut up fruit on hand. It usually does the trick.



Take photos of yourself in a bathing suit. Do you like how you look? If yes, keep it with you to stay motivated on all your hard work. If you said no, keep it with you to remind you that you need to stay on track. It is always a reality check.



Wear Spanx or tight undergarments. Whenever I go to a dinner or a party, I like to wear a tight Spanx slip under my dress. Not only does my dress look smooth, it sucks in my stomach preventing me from over eating.



Hang your goal jeans or bikini in plain sight. Whenever I have an event to go to I hang up my goal outfit. It is reminder for me to eat clean so I look and feel good.



Hydrate. Whenever you’re feeling hungry, drink some water first. You never know, you may be just thirsty.



Watch liquid calories. Be careful on the latte’s, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Go for the skinny version of it.



Make a vision board. By having a visual aid of your goals in front of you, you are more motivated to keep your eye on the prize.



Set goals. By setting goals and timelines for your goals, you are more apt to see your goals through.



Check your personal stats monthly. I weigh myself and take measurements to see where I am at. If I am gaining and going up on measurements, I know that I need to lay off the cheating. If they are where I am supposed to be, then I know I am right on track. It’s another reality check.



Hang a calendar to see how much you are exercising. I set a goal to workout 5 days a week. Usually Mon-Fri. If I can’t make a work day workout, I will work out on the weekend. There are 30 to 31 days in a month. I try to work out 20 days a month. I try to not to fall less than 15 days. So set up your workout goals on the calendar to see how many hours you work out a month.



Find a support system. Whether it is a group exercise fitness class, a personal trainer, or a friend. Having a support system is a great way to stay accountable for your goals.






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