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20 Fresh Takes On the Scarf

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As self-proclaimed accessories fanatic, I am always on the look-out for creative and fresh takes on classic pieces. Enter the bandana, a timeless accessory that is proven to be tried and true to accessorize and update any look. There are multiple silhouettes, colors and patters
to choose from but let’s talk about the 3 that every woman should own…the Skinny ,handkerchief and bandana scarf. You can style these babies so many different ways and even carry them into the next season. I’m calling it and I think that the Skinny and Handkerchief scarves are going to have a resurgence soon that will last till Fall ’17 because the styling possibilities are endless!Have you been wearing these scarves lately?


If you love the thought of wearing these in classic and unconventional ways, then click through to see the stylish examples.

Gigi Hadid for #tommynow on

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