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19 New Vegan Food Brands You Need to Try

Being a vegan and enjoying delicious, store-bought products is becoming easier every day. New exciting brands are presenting their items and making our lives much better. Just a few years ago, there was a limited choice of food brands for vegans. Now everything is changing and more companies decide to turn to plant-based ingredients and products. The number of vegan food brands is growing every day providing us new products to try.

Accepting vegan diet doesn’t only mean giving up meat and dairy. It is a whole new lifestyle that brings huge changes in a person’s world. You have to commit to a diet where you don’t consume any type of animal products. Thanks to the advanced technology today there are many new ways to satisfy your appetite. Vegan burgers are extremely delicious and you won’t even notice the difference. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are just a part of the vegan food brands you need to know if you really enjoy burgers.

A lot of innovative brands find ways to provide substitutes for products such as milk and eggs. With the growing number of vegans around the world, companies are trying to satisfy everyone’s needs. And they are on a really good way to do that. Starting from vegan donuts, hamburgers, to vegan alternatives to seafood, you will be surprised at the options. Plant-based protein foods are more popular than ever. People seem to be more fond of eating this type of food and using eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. All of this creates a ground for a rising business opportunity on one hand and a diverse market on the other hand.

We chose some popular vegan brands that you definitely want to try. All of these companies are unique at what they do and are really stepping up the game in the food industry.

GoodLife Foods

21 New Vegan Food Brands You Need to Try GoodLife Foods
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Photo Credit: GoodLife Foods

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