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18 Low-Cal Drink Options that Aren’t a Vodka Soda

Regular workouts and eating healthy are the best way to looking and feeling good. What many people are not aware of is that the things they drink have a big impact on the perfect body. It is completely normal to have a drink of two from time to time. Leading a healthy life doesn’t mean that you have to quit everything. But if you want to choose the best alcoholic drink that has least calories, than you have to think twice. Vodka soda is usually the go-to drink for dieters.

Fortunately, there are many other fun options that you can try, aside from vodka soda. You don’t have to limit yourself to this boring drink, just to play it on the safe side. In fact, there is quite a large number of drinks that have the similar amount of calories such as vodka soda.

The first drink to choose is wine. One glass of wine usually has around 120 calories. Of course, this depends on the type of wine that you’ll choose. If you are not a big fan of wine, a light beer is another easy option. Many people all over the world love beer. Today, there is an endless number of light beers that will do the job. The calorie intake with these types of beer is usually a little over 80, so you’re in the clear!

You will be very happy to hear that the bubbly champagne contains around 90 calories per glass. This means that mimosas are not off limits after all! Just be careful what you mix them with because the mixer is the part that has a lot of calories.

Take a look at these low-calorie vodka soda alternatives, that will make your life much more fun. If you are tired of having the same drink every single time, dare to try something different from our list.


Rum and Diet Coke

22 Low-Cal Drink Options that Aren’t a Vodka Soda rum and diet coke

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