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15 Vegan Barbecue Recipes that Even Meat Eaters Will Like

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If you are transitioning to veganism, you might be missing the taste of grilled and barbecued dishes. But did you know that there are many vegan items you can barbecue?

In order for you not to miss your favorite grilled delicacies, we’re bringing you 15 vegan BBQ recipes that are the real deal. Summer is the perfect season to get the grill out in the backyard and have a blast with your friends. Next time you’re the host, try at least one of these amazing recipes and leave everyone in awe with your cooking skills. You will see so many diverse ways to upgrade your summer meals, that it will be hard to resist.

Grilled Eggplant Tahini Satay Kebabs

15 Vegan BBQ Recipes that Even Meat Eaters Will Like grilled eggplant tahini satay kebabs

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