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15 Male Celebrities that You Might Not Know Are Vegan

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Did you know that these male celebs are actually vegan?

These days, it seems that veganism is the trend that can’t be stopped. In fact, if you’ve been reading the news lately, more and more people are choosing to adapt a plant-based diet. Why? Well, many are choosing to go either vegan or vegetarian to help the environment, animals or for their own health.

And the list of celebrities that are choosing to lead a plant-based lifestyle also continues to grow. Here are some male celebs that you might now know are vegan!
The list just might surprise you!

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is known for leading a strict vegan diet. In fact, this Oscar-winning actor and all of his bandmates from 30 Seconds to Mars all lead a plant-based lifestyle!

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