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12 Vegan Peruvian Recipes Even Beginners Can Make

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It’s no secret that Peru has become a coveted travel destination for many all over the world. Many flock to hike through the Andean mountains and gaze upon the man-made wonders. But have you considered visiting Peru for their local cuisine? Recently the trend of Peruvian cuisine has hit stateside and we’re excited it’s getting the attention it deserves.

The food in Peru differs from that of other Latin American countries. It is incredibly diverse thanks to the varied population and abundance of natural ingredients. The cuisine is a wonderful mix of Incan influences combined with African, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese cooking techniques and ingredients. Peruvian gastronomy is also defined by the climate and geography of the country.

Peru is divided into three regions.Æthe Amazon, the Sierra, and the coast. These have many different altitudes resulting in numerous microclimates. Thanks to this the country has an incredibly diverse assortment of flora and fauna.

Depending on which part of Peru you’re in, the cuisine varies greatly. In coastal areas, dishes revolve around fish from the Pacific Ocean. Corn, grains, root vegetables, and different varieties of potatoes from the basis of cooking in the Sierra region. Vegetables and fruits that are easily available in the Peruvian rain forest are the foundation of Amazonian or jungle cuisine. In the capital of the country, Lima, you’re likely to find a mix of ingredients and cuisines from all over the world.

Chilies or hot peppers play an important role in Peruvian cuisine, and so do herbs like cilantro and lemongrass. In addition to these, a lot of Andean herbs like Chincho, Huacatay, Paico, and Muña are used. Corn, Quinoa, rice, vinegar, olive oil, sugar, tomatoes, and beans are other staples.

While a lot of Peruvian food is meat or fish based, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes you can easily cook at home. You’ll never find yourself short of tasty appetizers, soups, drinks, side dishes, and main course options. Here are 12 easy vegan recipes that are sure to be enjoyed by lovers of Peruvian cuisine who’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle.


Chicha Morada Drink

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