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12 Men’s Shoe Trends in 2021

Shoe couturiers combine colors, tweak elements and combine textures to create spectacular stylish shoes. With the evolution of unconventional self-expression forms and attention to detail, you can get shoes that embrace comfort and functionality.

And when it comes to buying shoes, you cannot miss out on DSW deals 2021, offering discounts on boots, comfort shoes, slippers, and more. You can buy casual sneakers, vintage shoes and score up to 50% off on spring must-haves with added benefits of free shipping.

Depending on your schedule and occasion, choose laced shoes for formal events, moccasins with casual outfits, monk strap shoes or ankle boots for semi-formal settings, sneakers for leisure, etc. Here’s a list of 12 men’s shoe trend 2021 that can guarantee comfort without compromising style:

1. Classic business shoes

Shoes with lace or buckles available in dark shades like classic black, brown, deep blue, ash gray, burgundy, or suede, and nubuck formal shoes are ideal for all weather conditions but the perforated varieties are perfect for warmer days.

To give a casual modern look, minimalist traditional formal shoes are decorated with brand logos, unique laces, or contrasting colored soles.

2. Chelsea style

Semi-formal Chelsea style shoes made with a two-tone top, rubber side inserts, oversized rubber tread soles are popular novelties this season. You can also style these shiny shoes with lace, fringe, and regular heels.

Pseudo-army shoes with artificial scuffs and round toes, Birkenstocks with water-resistant oiled nubuck shoes are appropriate for varied settings and purposes like walking or hiking.

3. Smart casual

Combining street fashion and sports chic high-rise shoes made using elegant metal clasps or one wide strap, artificial leather, high-quality leatherette provides durability and resistance to damage and external weather conditions.

Shoes made with natural materials reunite classic and bright elements that are considered versatile for different settings. Classic brogue shoes made from decorative perforations, or moccasins complete the smart casual look.

4. Contemporary hues

Unusual colors like red, blue, green, orange give a modern and fashionable look to extravagant shoes that have unique textile elements and ornamental buckles or laces.

Even monochromatic-colored shoes can be made classic with catchy accents, contrasting laces, and rich hues. Evolved brogue shoes have perforated patterns, fashionable bows, and other embellishments to fit versatile occasions.

5. Trendy sneakers

Comfortable sneakers with removable insole are durable, give protection against weather conditions, and enhance support. Along with clean and minimalist classic sneakers, suede standout sneakers are widely popular.

Courtside minimal style sneaker is versatile for work or casual settings whereas Balmain light design sneakers for hiking and commuting outdoors are lightweight and breathable.

6. Trainers

Add elegance to the regular look with lightweight, practical runners that keep you comfortable all day long. Combining athletic style and luxury, handmade courses are designed to reduce injury risk.

Other sports shoes combining sneakers and casual style are made with a flexible sole, in trendy neon shades. These trainers are made in contrasting colors, materials, and orientations like high or mid-tops.

7. Eco-conscious footwear

Staying in line with the ‘new normal’ constructing eco-friendly shoes displays seamless artisan techniques that use natural materials. These shoes are interlaced, knotted, handcrafted, embroidered, or created using elevated sustainable materials.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gases, durable shoes made from recycled fibers and renewable materials like non-virgin plastic soles, cast-off plastic bottle linings are completely compostable.

8. Platform shoes

Elevated shoes made with stable heels, straps, and chains or those with rubber sneaker sole added to loafers provide extra support to the foot and evenly distribute weight, thus reducing heel ache. Get $15 off using Famous Footwear coupon.

Additionally, espadrille sandals, flip-flops are lightweight, breathable, and suitable for summer. The rope-soled, high-heeled, canvas or cotton upper and flexible sole with trendy patterns and buckle or strap keep feet comfy throughout.

9. Fashionable slip-on

Design models combining slippers and sneakers with flat rubber outsoles, made with lightweight materials keep your feet comfortable all day long. Specially designed for different feet conditions, these slip-on provide extra arch support.

Fusing work-from-home comfort and global footwear, ethnic backless slip-on with woven uppers, rope, or stitched soles are made using single colors. The detailing, soft look, and monochromatic theme give a formal perspective.

10. Rubber boots

Evolving from Wellington rubber boots, new age cowboy, army boots worn with denim or bootleg tucked trousers give a stylish vintage or retro look whereas sleek ankle boots create the ultimate go-to fashion ensemble for practical purposes.

Stylish handmade boots made using high-quality textiles are trendy. Luxurious, versatile, and sophisticated ankle boots are essentials for cool seasons.

11. Deserts and chukkas

Deserts and chukkas apt for summers are open lace, high boots that reach the ankle. These shoes can be paired with a casual denim look, blazers, tweed suits, or used to elevate a casual look.

A high ankle chukka is made with several eyelets, whereas desert boots made from crepe rubber soles are lightweight, give good traction in the sandy region (making them adaptable for summer), and are great alternatives to sneakers.

12. Chunky loafer

Hard-soled dress shoes in a chunky loafer form, paired with cozy socks knitted using cloud-like fabric are exciting foot coverings to be paired with loafers or ankle boots. Sculpted and layered sole with flared or curved heels is intricately molded to add support.

Chunky brick-like silhouettes in solid neutral or vibrant colors, colors with paneled, mesh or suede uppers, mixed and matched textures create interesting sneakers that are currently in vogue.

Make a confident bold statement with classic menswear that strikes the perfect balance between casual and smart. Shop trending men’s shoes from popular online retailers and use store coupons, promotional codes, online deals to order stylish footwear at affordable rates and claim savings, among other perks on app/website purchases.

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