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10 Things We Learned About Nick Jonas at .≤Up Close & Personal’ at the Grammy Museum

Nick Jonas is so much more than a former teen star.

On September 8th, 2016, Nick Jonas took the stage for one of Grammy Museum’s “Up Close & Personal” events. In front of a crowd of 200 fans and industry members, Jonas talked about his journey to becoming a successful solo artist, his songwriting process, and his upcoming acting roles. At the end of the interview, Nick Jonas performed an acoustic version of “Close” and “Jealous”. He walked out to standing ovations.

This is what we learned about the incredibly talented Nick Jonas.


He was a budding songwriter from a young age.

Nick and his father would write music on the way to his Broadway performances. Nick was also a part of the writing process for almost 100% of the Jonas Brothers’s albums, despite being so young.


His music is a direct reflection of his life.

When Nick ended a relationship, his dad told him to write about it. Writing allows him to process everything. All of the stories on his records are real.


The transition to being a solo artist was tougher than you might have thought.

When the Jonas Brothers ended, the fans had a hard time accepting the fact and wouldn’t support their solo endeavors. It was a challenge for both him and his brother, Joe Jonas, to pursue different projects. They had trouble breaking people’s perceptions of who they were. Regarding the Jonas Brothers’s breakup, he said, “It was no longer authentic.”

Nick also had trouble adjusting to traveling solo without his brothers. He no longer could lean on them as much for emotional support. He did say that touring with Demi Lovato is almost the same as touring with family.


He started his own label, Safehouse Records, under Island Records.

Nick wanted more creative control over his music and also wanted to give that same privilege to other artists. He’s working on the idea of a community where artists feel safe.


His influences might surprise you.

Nick’s original influences are Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Shania Twain, Prince, and the Bee Gees. More recently, he’s influenced by Maxwell, Miguel, and Frank Ocean.


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