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10 Things Not to Do in Front of Your Man

Letting your guard down and relaxing is one of the great things about getting comfortable in a relationship. But even as you get more used to each other, there are certain things that a woman should never do in front of her partner. As the saying goes, “some things are better left to the imagination”. So, keep the mystery and allure alive in your relationship by following these simple steps.

  1. Putting makeup on in public. Never apply makeup in public. Men don’t like to see you apply lipstick at the dinner table after a meal.
    his spoils the illusion that you look immaculate without any help. Instead, excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom. You can refresh your makeup there and come back looking perfect.
  2. Bathroom etiquette.
    Don’t go to the restroom in front of your man. We know that if you live together, you get comfortable. But believe us, he does not want to see you relieve yourself in front of him. Simply excuse yourself and shut the restroom door. Remember, no man wants to see you sitting on the toilet.
  3. Removal of excess hair.
    Personal hygiene such as removing facial hair, pubic hair, and other body hairs is not acceptable in front of your man. Even plucking one hair off your face is not feminine because he will associate this with masculinity or getting older. Leave this activity to your grooming time alone.
  4. Period talk. Don’t talk to him in detail about your period. Remember to keep your feminine allure and appeal. Bodily fluids are very personal and you shouldn’t expose the intimate details of them to him. He will consider this type of talk “gross” and this might cause him to stop finding you attractive. Leave this type of talk to your girlfriends.
  5. Exposing your foundation. Men simply do not understand what women have to go through to appear more beautiful.
    So when it comes to foundation such as Spanx and padding for your bra, it is best to keep these out of site. Clear bra inserts, sometimes referred to as “chicken cutlets”, are items that men have no idea what they are when they come across them. They are left speechless and confused. In fact, we have a friend who once wore padded underwear.
    When her date reached down and felt her bottom, he said, “WHAT is THAT?” His view of her figure was changed and he was confused as to what type of foundation this even was.
    When they find out your breasts are not really that full and perky or bottom not as round, it spoils the illusion and is a let down. So don’t let them see these items and keep the illusion alive.
  6. Letting Yourself Go. Sure, you feel comfortable with him, and yes you are in your own home if you live together. But no one wants to see someone in an old housecoat and slippers all of the time. Call girls have said they have to have perfect manicures and pedicures at all times because if not, it spoils the illusion. Why? It reminds men of their wives at home. It only takes a small amount of time to keep up with your mani/pedi, brows, and other small grooming habits that keep you looking your best.
    Remember always that men are visual creatures and these small things really do matter.
  7. Walking Around Naked. Don’t walk around naked all of the time. We understand that you are comfortable in your own home. However, we know of a man who got so turned off because his wife was always walking about naked all of the time.
    He became not interested in her because she was moving around in positions that are not flattering and doing the dishes, laundry and other everyday chores not associated with intimacy.
    Don’t allow him to get bored with your body. Keep it special and covet it.
  8. Don’t talk numbers. Men really don’t want to know how many romantic conquests you’ve had in your past. Let the past be the past and don’t continually bring up other partners. This will only make him uncomfortable and make him think you are comparing him to them. He is the man in your life now and let him know it by only focusing on him.
  9. Hair Extensions. Once again, men are visual creatures and they love a full, sexy head of hair.
    It represents sexuality, vitality and fertility to them whether they consciously realize it or not.
    Because of this, they are not attracted to limp, sparse hair.
    So if you need a little help with hair extensions there is no problem in this.
    Just don’t allow him to see you putting them in or taking them off.
    They may love you with a full hair of hair, but they don’t want to see you clipping it in.
    They also don’t want to see your hairpieces lying about on the couch or bed. They want to think it is yours, not coming from a package.
  10. Other bodily functions. And finally, this should go without saying, but we know of some women that seem to think burping or doing other bodily functions in front of their man is acceptable and funny.
    It is not. This is one of the primary ways you will loose your allure.
    Remember, everyone has normal bodily functions, but do these in private, even if you have to excuse yourself for a moment.
    Remember you are not a truck driver, so always remain a lady.
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