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10 Spots That Will Drive Your Man Crazy

What better way to celebrate Relationship Awareness Month than by caressing the one you love.

What are the spots on your man that will drive him crazy? Here are some of our favorite places on his sexy body that, when touched, will make him worship the ground you walk on!

Feet and Hands

Extremities, such as the feet and hands, are extremely sensitive. Why? They have hundreds of nerve endings. Slowly massaging his feet and hands with massage oil will turn him into butter! Take your time and gently work your way up his arms and legs. Be forewarned, he might get so comfortable, you’ll hear snoring pretty soon!


When massaging and stroking his head, don’t forget to include his ears, face, hair, scalp, and temples. Gently pull his ear lobes away from his head and massage them in an upward motion. Also, gently pull his hair and scratch his head. Massage his temples in a circular motion and then extend this motion across his forehead. If you do this while watching a favorite action movie of his, he’ll be in hog heaven!


The neck holds a lot of stress and tension so make certain to pay special attention to this area. Using a lightly-scented oil, gently massage his neck and shoulders until all of the tension is released. This may take some time and doing this after a hot bath or shower will help loosen the tension in this area. Working out all of his knots will make him eternally thankful to you!


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ on your body? Treat it well by massaging a high-quality lotion into it. Also, your man will love light tickles running up and down his entire body. Start at the top and work your way down. Pay special attention to the inner thigh as that is especially sensitive to the touch! He’ll want you to do this for hours on end!


The back is also an area that can be prone to stress and hold a lot of tension. Have him lie on his stomach and gently massage his back paying special attention to his shoulders and lower back area. This will bring healthy circulation into this area and will also improve blood flow throughout the body.


Your man’s butt is in need of love and attention too! Rub his butt by grabbing and massaging it deeply. He’ll probably groan with delight!


He’ll love it when you flick his navel with your tongue. This especially sensitive area of the body loves attention, just like your man!


Kissing him while massaging the rest of his body is just what the doctor ordered! And he’ll feel so much better after, refreshed and energized!


Deep kissing him is even better. Use your tongue to explore other parts of his body. And see where this leads.

So…which spot will
you choose first?

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