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10 Signs You Know You Are With the Right Modern Man

A modern man should support your career goals. It’s not just about him.

How do you know you are with your long-term partner or potential husband? Especially in today’s modern world, how do we know we are with someone that will meet our expectations for an equal partnership? After all, love is the bare minimum requirement for a viable relationship these days. What we considered “the signs” ten years ago is no longer what the signs are today. Here’s the list that every woman should consider before settling down with a modern man.

He supports your career.

Today, most women have careers in addition to raising a family. A two income household is the norm. Not only should he be OK with you having a career of your own, he should be the cheerleader rooting for you every step of the way!

He helps with the children.

Today’s modern man helps with child rearing and no longer leaves this to women only. He is not the father who spends a few minutes with the kids when he gets home from work.
Rather, he is actively engaged in their lives. This may include dropping and picking them up from school each day, packing lunches, helping with homework…the list goes on and on! After all, you have your own career, too, and need help raising your children!

You split chores 50/50.

A modern man will not classify household chores into what was only a traditionally female role. He helps with laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping.
He won’t turn his nose up at this type of work because he knows that things simply need to get done around the house.

He values your opinion.

He chooses to come to you for your opinion on decisions that are important such as finances, purchasing a house, work, and the future. He respects your opinion and you make decisions together.

You agree to disagree respectfully.

People don’t always agree with each other. But if you have reached an impasse, you agree to respectfully disagree. Sometimes you will not be able to sway his opinion and vice versa, but it is still OK to not see eye-to-eye on everything in this world.

He betters you.

Today’s modern man supports his woman. He works to better you as an individual in addition to being his partner. Conversely, you will also do the same and support him. This only makes you stronger as a team in addition to allowing yourselves to grow as individuals.

He enjoys teamwork and considers you an equal.

Back in the day, the man ruled the household. He was the leader and everyone followed his decisions. Today’s modern man understands that you are his equal and he respects this partnership. He enjoys the concept of teamwork and doesn’t value himself over you or your children.

He enjoys being around you and spending time with you.

As simple as this may sound, a modern man truly enjoys spending time with his woman. Yes, he still wants to watch football with the guys, and spending time away from you is also healthy. But he really enjoys your company and even enjoys doing simple, mundane tasks with you every day.

He loves you when you are not looking your best.

You can be yourself. You don’t always have to look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel strutting down the runway. It is OK to relax at home and be yourself. A modern man understands that you both use home as a haven in which to decompress, rejuvenate, and get ready to conquer the world!

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