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10 Most Amazing Beaches In Azores, Portugal

Hello traveler, are you planning on visiting the most spectacular beaches in Europe? Oh, wow! We caught that nod, and we say a big welcome to you – nothing pleases us more than helping our tourist friends to find the perfect travel destinations.

Portugal is home to historic cities, mouth-watering cuisines, rich culture, amazing arts, and fascinating lifestyles, among other attractions.

Having toured the beautiful cities and had fun on the lively streets of Portugal, nothing makes your trip more complete than having a feel of the wild and refreshing seaside experience.

The beaches in Portugal are renowned for their unforgettable scenery, astounding landscapes, and natural pools on volcanic rocks – trust us, you won’t trade the experience for anything else.

Here are 10 of the most amazing beaches in Azores, Portugal.

First, Fun Fact about Azores, Portugal;

The Azores has a thriving population of native whales and dolphins that offers tourists a rare opportunity of spotting whales from the shorelines or a yacht for close up view.

Away from the happy whales, Azores Islands are clean and pristine, they are affordable to visit, and you can bath in natural hot springs.

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Now to our list of amazing beaches.

1. Praia de Santa Barbara

Home to world surf leagues and destination to world’s great surfers, this beautiful beach lies in the northern coastline of Sao Miguel.

You could lay back on its black sands and watch surfers taking it out on the waves.  While at it, you could grab a cold beer or any drink you fancy from the beach cafe. If your timing is right, there are a series of night concerts to look up to. You could also pick up some surfing lessons from nearby surf centers.

2. Faja Da Caldeira de Santo Cristo

This is where you go to see a seaside plateau sitting at the foot of dramatic mountains covered in lush vegetation.

Surfers and bodyboarders are also not far from this beach. So, you should expect some entertainment while you savor the scenic landscape and wild beach – getting to this beach is an experience of its own as the one can only get there by boat or a 4Km hike.

3. Vila Franca do Campo Islet

Close your eyes and imagine yourself swimming and bathing in paradise. That and many more are on the offering at Vila Franca do Campo. Unwinding on its colorful beach, next to naturally crafted rocks, makes for perfect relaxation. This islet is also superb for snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

4. Praia de Água D’Alto

If you have either dreamt of walking barefoot on volcanic sand with stunning cliffs on the background, then you don’t want to miss this popular beach on the island of Sao Miguel.

You will also find spectacular beach restaurants serving tasty Portuguese food and hotels to stay in – so, you shouldn’t worry about tagging along with the kids or a loved one.

5. Praia do Fogo

Lying in the beautiful town of Ribeira Quente, this beach is nothing short of amazing. Enclosed by towering cliffs and a glorious landscape, a visit to this beach will make your day. You can end your day by taking a dip in its hot springs and naturally heated ocean.

6. Praia Formosa

Surrounded by mind-blowing geographical formations and covered in golden sand, you can’t miss this beach in Santa Maria. The climate is here uniquely warm, and the waters are crystal clear. You can also look up to the Mediterranean ambiance and the appealing view of the Atlantic.

7. Praia do Almoxarife

This is arguably one of the most popular beaches in Faial alongside Praia Porto Pom. This beach offers a scenic and panoramic view of Mount Pico.

The calm and pristine waters of the Almoxarife makes it a perfect relaxation spot – with enough room for friends and families.

There are campsites and beach standard restaurants on standby to revitalize your taste buds.

8. Praia dos Moinhos

Sitting alongside fascinating beaches like Praia do Fogo, Vila Franca do Campa islet and Praia de Água D’ Alto in Sao Miguel island.

This marvel is known for its volcanic sands and amazing beach bars. If after tanning and basking under the warm sun, you decide to take a swim, you should keep an eye out for large rocks laying on the ocean floor. Other than that, every dive presents a new view of the lush and lively underwater world.

Other fascinating beaches in the Azores you wouldn’t want to miss are:

9. The volcanic sandy beach of Praia da Riviera, whose waters are renowned for their zero pollution.

10. The Praia dos Mosteiros

The combination of its super dark volcanic sand, lush and green scenery and blue waters is epic.

The dramatic rocks sticking out of the sea is marvelous and nourishing the eyes. You also get to enjoy a close-up view of the sunset – No wonder, this beach is a dream come through for tourists.


While on the beaches in the Azores, you should beware of the dark volcanic sands. Black color is a good absorber of heat and walking on dark sands on a sunny day burns like lava.

The waves in this region can be very rough with strong currents. So, always pay attention to color coding for safety and other safety measures.

We hope that you have a fun time in the Azores, and you make it your first point of visit on your next trip. You can always reach out to for a customizable trip to Portugal. Safe travels!

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