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Fabulous Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

There are a large number of Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing inspiration through photographs of spaces decorated with the most exquisite elements of interior architecture.
If you love looking for new ideas to improve your home and always want be aware of new trends, then you should follow these Celebrity Interior Designers.

Each of them has a very particular style with posts that will make you run to the store to buy a chic rug or a novel lamp. Adapt it to your style and discover the trends that are leaving a mark in the world of interior design.

Liz Marie

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Can’t be bothered to look at the camera when there is a bone involved. She’s becoming a teenager with an attitude that’s for sure. Anyways, thank you for all your comments on my last post & all of the good thoughts & prayers… IT MEANS SO MUCH!! Thank you! I don’t deserve all of the kindness, but know I’m so grateful. Please don’t be worried.. I’m fine. I’m actually blogging about what happened this week now & it will be up shortly… I’m getting vulnerable with you guys & I’m a little nervous to share, but I share the highs and lows with you & this is a low. Love you all & thank you for being here on the peaks and valleys of our journey. #whitecottagefarm Ps. Today on the blog I shared four things I’m loving this week: – link in my profile… I hope you love it all! You can also shop this space in the link in my profile under “shop my instagram”. 🐶

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Using wood and the color white are the two predominant characteristics of her work that combines both rural and romantic style. Her Michigan home is filled with flowers, pictures with messages and Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas.

Gwen Hefner

“Without fear of color”, this interior designer defines her style. A modern look but filled with classic details: large bookcases, crystal chandeliers and dark woods.

Krys Melo

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I’m here with my favorite girl to wish all you ladies a Happy International Women’s Day! I’m very lucky to know so many wonderful women. Being tagged by some of you as an inspirational woman today has turned my stone cold heart into a river of tears. I’m flattered enough that any of you give a shit about anything I do let alone consider me an inspiration. It blows my mind and I’m so grateful for your kindness. You are all wonderful and inspirations to me as well!! HONESTLY 🙏. I’ve tagged a few ladies that were there for me through some tough times in the past year and that have motivated/inspired me in various ways, and there are soo many more that IG won’t let me fit in this post 🙇🏻‍♀️. But that’s what follow Fridays are for 😉 or just take a scroll through who I’m following. What woman inspires you? Be sure to let her know 💗👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #communityovercompetition #internationalwomensday

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A DIY expert, this young Californian rediscovers ancient objects and gives them a new life. Her account is full with color, patterned fabrics, 50’s pin up style and delicious cocktail recipes!

Tone Kroken

A recognized Norwegian decorator, Kroken is a lover of the black and white duo. His projects also highlight the presence of flowers and antiques. His blog is a reference in the Scandinavian country, where he collaborates in various media.

Kelly Wearstler

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Interior Designer / Florist. Xk #BTS

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She is a total design rock star. In addition to being the interior designer of the Viceroy and Tides hotels, she is an author, blogger and an expert in marketing. Among her most famous clients is Gwen Stefani.

Marcel Wanders

This Dutch designer is dedicated to surprise when creating emotional environments and that’s why his clients love him.

Kelly Hoppen

This English interior designer owns her own studio and is currently one of the most famous in the world of decoration. In addition to working in private residences, she also focuses on yachts and commercial projects such as restaurants, offices and airplanes.

Philippe Starck

He’s one of the most famous designers right now. Most of his pieces have become cult icons and the majesty of the hotels that he has decorated is a must for any lover of decor.

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