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Mastering Red Carpet Moments With Eric Himel

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All of us girls live to watch those red carpet moments at the Oscars,  Grammys and Music Awards. We build up to those moments all year long in anticipation of who will wear what. How will they wear their hair and do their makeup?

What girl at home doesn’t dream of her own red carpet moment? I caught up with the busy Celebrity A-List stylist, featured in US Fashion Weekly Police, Eric Himel, at Alfred’s Coffee on Melrose Place to get the low down on how you can create you very own signature look and be red carpet ready for any occasion. Luckily for me, he told me I was “uber-stylish” and I was wearing some of his fav’s. My Marc Jacobs denim jacket. Leopard Fendi pumps, basic white T’shirt, Rag & Bone suede leggings and of course girls you can never go wrong with a red Birkin bag dangling from your hand.

Remember ladies memories are made and created by those outfits we wear. Eric is one of Hollywood’s hottest in-demand-celebrity wardrobe stylists
and he shares those hectic moments when choosing a dress or outfit can make or break your career. It can take you into the next date, land you that job or make you admired by all your friends and turn every head at that party.

Read on to get the behind the red carpet secrets and how to create your very own signature style. We all want to learn how to master the art of looking fabulous.

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