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  • Travel
    Where to Stay in Bonn, Germany

    Bonn, Germany is the place to visit in 2020 with the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth taking center stage....

    Malorie MackeyMarch 5, 2020
  • Travel
    Charter Services: Comfort Appreciated by Travelers

    Traveling from one place to another is regularly required by diverse people. With the developed transport infrastructure, it may seem that...

    Megan TaylorMarch 3, 2020
  • Travel
    How to Celebrate Beethoven in 2020

    2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth! So, needless to say, it is going to be a very...

    Malorie MackeyMarch 3, 2020
  • Travel
    Bonn Redefines Itself and Reminds the World of its Connection to Beethoven

    Many do not know this, but this year marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth. That’s right! Beethoven was...

    Malorie MackeyMarch 2, 2020
  • Travel
    5 Things to Do While Traveling

    While it is important to plan your trip ahead, if you want to experience the cultures and countries in full, this...

    Megan TaylorFebruary 26, 2020
  • Travel
    6 Common Travel Mistakes

    According to a recent spending survey, Americans who said they were planning a summer vacation noted that they’ll spend between $1,000...

    Katarina Van DerhamFebruary 24, 2020
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