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YouTube Dance Sensation Megan Batoon Talks Hip-Hop Dance, Style, and Her Next Career Moves

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Diehard YouTube fans will know this next social media star as one hell of a force to be reckoned with. Megan Batoon is an accomplished dancer, actress, host, entrepreneur, and YouTube personality with over 500,000 subscribers and 37 million views. Batoon also recently launched her own website to give her fans a style guide to her life. But beyond those accomplishments, you can catch her as a star of Making Moves, available only on Fullscreen. She may have gotten her start in the film Step Up Revolution, but since then there’s been no stopping her.

We talked to Megan Batoon about how she got into the world of dance, why she decided to launch a style blog, and where she hopes to take her career in the next few years.

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YouTube Dance Sensation Megan Batoon Talks Hip-Hop Dance, Style, and Her Next Career Moves4


Q&A with Megan Batoon

At what age did you start dancing? By when did you figure out that dancing was a true passion and not just a hobby?

I started taking dance seriously around the time I was 18. Before then, I was an all-star cheerleader and my coach actually convinced me to try a dance class. I loved dance as soon as I took my first class, but when I started creating choreography and realizing the depth of art and intelligence you can intertwine with music, that was a wrap for me. I was in.


What dance styles are you trained in? When did you settle on hip hop?

I’m not actually trained in any style of dance, though I’ve learned a small bit of foundational hip hop through my all-star dance team. I I’ve always been drawn to the energy of hip hop since I started dancing, so I’d say I chose hip hop right from the bat.


You started your channel five years ago. What was your original goal when launching the channel? Did you meet/exceed those goals?

Initially, I just wanted a place to put my choreography. When I realized you could make videos about anything, it became a creative outlet for whatever pops up in my mind that I think could either make people laugh or help others. I remember 100,000 subscribers being an intangible goal, and we got there.


How has your channel evolved over the years? What influenced those changes?

My channel started as a dance class visual documentation. When I was on an internet reality show, I gained a substantial amount of eyeballs that didn’t come for dance. I started implementing sketch comedy into the dance concept videos to do two things I loved while keeping both audiences interested until they became one.


YouTube Dance Sensation Megan Batoon Talks Hip-Hop Dance, Style, and Her Next Career Moves3



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