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Would YOU Get a LEECH Facial?

Leech facials are favored by celebs like Miranda Kerr!

Okay, in what seems like an urban myth, apparently leech facials are all the rage right now.
Yep, you heard right, leech facials are trending. And in case you’re wondering, it does involve live, slimy leeches.


What exactly is a leech facial? Well, if you are freaked out by creepy crawly things, this might not be the ideal beauty trend for you. Live leeches are put on your face. They then feed on your face. (Should I continue?)
Next, the blood that they have eaten is smeared all over your face like a mask.

Did I just lose you? “Why in God’s green earth would someone do this?” you are probably asking right now. Well, apparently it is supposed to tighten your skin thereby leaving you looking younger.


Who is a fan of leech facials? Well, none other than supermodel Miranda Kerr! And, you have to admit, she looks good. She’s 34 years old now and hasn’t aged a bit since she was first a Victoria’s Secret Angel way back in 2007.

One drawback is that the leeches can’t be reused. This is due to hygiene reasons and often they are killed after the procedure. Miranda didn’t like this, so she chooses to keep her leeches and takes them home with her. What does she do with them? They become her pets in her koi pond! Well, at least they get to live a good life after they’ve finished their jobs as skin aestheticians.


This procedure reminds of us of Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial that she had a few years back.


But leeches apparently have added bonuses.
They are supposedly great for acne and lesions as they contain antibiotics that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
They also contain anti-inflammatory enzymes. Some of these enzymes aid in dissolving unwanted fats and they increase your skin’s elasticity with the help of peptides.

Well, there you have it! Leeches can smooth your face and bring back its youthful appearance. What do YOU think? Is a leech facial in your future?



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