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Is Naked Yoga for YOU?

Can naked yoga boost your self-esteem?

It might sound like a joke question, but would you do yoga naked? Although this might seem preposterous at first, yoga instructor, Rosie Rees, believes that doing yoga in the nude is actually good for you!


In fact, Rees teaches up to 30 women at a time who are interested in doing yoga in the buff! You might be asking why would someone even think of doing this!  Well, Rees believes that by doing yoga with no clothes on you can boost your self-esteem, sex life, and even your sleep!


Rees wants women of all sizes and shapes to learn to love their bodies.  After all, not everyone is going to be tall, thin, and in shape. Rees said, “It’s not about doing the downward dog naked… it’s about self-acceptance, stepping out of the comfort zone, and cultivating courage. I’d say it’s a catalyst. Nude yoga is such a courageous thing to do but when these women leave my classes, they feel comfortable in their own skin.”


She went on to say, “Women are very hard on themselves but when they walk into this beautiful space, they learn how to feel like to be in acceptance of their body. Particularly mothers who have children – their bodies change so much. It’s amazing for them to have gratitude for their body by the end of the class. There are also women in their 60s and 70s embracing their bodies. We have women of all ages joining. They either want to try something different, make changes in their lives, or tick it off their bucket list.”


The classes are held in a candle lit room that is not too light.  Rees said, “It’s a very sacred space. There are no compromising positions. It’s very gentle yoga. It’s a safe and intimate space for all women. A lot of women feel very liberated, wild and light after the class. I wanted to create a physical practice workshop to help women learn how to love their bodies more. We’re not all tall and skinny with big breasts. Nude yoga offers women the experience where they can actually see what real women look like – not women from magazines or media or porn.”


What do YOU think? Would you try naked yoga?



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