You Are Working Out and Don't Even Know It!
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Ways You Are Working Out and Don’t Even Know It!

Working Out

Who really has time to go to the gym or spend an hour or more on exercise every day? While intentional daily exercise is incredibly beneficial for your health, doctors are now saying that just a few common daily practices can do just as well. The great news? You might already be working out without knowing it… there’s a great chance you’re already doing a few of these things!


Clean the House, Yard Work

What this boils down to is just movement. The more you can keep your body moving, the better off you’ll be. Those with desk jobs are encouraged to take a quick walk around the office every hour or so just to keep the blood flowing and the heart rate up, so imagine how great it is for you to move continuously as you clean your house and do yard work. Bonus? Both involve lots of bending, kneeling, and standing back up, which is a great little workout for your core and lower body.


Bike to Work Rather Than Drive

You might think a leisurely ride to work on your bike is fun; its a good way to really experience a pretty day. No – it’s definitely more than that. When you bike to work, you give yourself a major workout. Your heart rate climbs, your leg muscles work, your body exerts a ton of energy to propel you toward your destination. As opposed to when you’re in your car – sitting and exerting no energy whatsoever.



Livin’ for the weekend when you can go down to shake that groove-thang? If an ideal night out for you consists of dancing with your friends in a club, your ideal night out sounds like a workout. Think about it: when you dance, your heart rate goes up, you sweat, you burn calories and you move and work muscles that probably wouldn’t otherwise be worked. As long as you’re not downing a ton of alcohol (which certainly counteracts burned calories), you should feel great about dancing the night away!


Use a Standing Desk Rather Than a Sitting One

Doctors have discovered that standing at your desk is incredibly beneficial to your physical health. It keeps the blood pumping throughout your body, as opposed to when you sit and circulation slows below the waist. Give it a try… you might be surprised how easy it is to get used to.



Yoga isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak, that’s for sure. It gets a rep for being a peaceful, calming exercise that’s not too taxing on the body, but the latter is far from the truth. Even beginners yoga stretches (literally) the body to its limits and pushes beyond the norm to utilize muscles that you didn’t even know were there.


Go to the Beach – Play Frisbee, Walk, or Build Sand Castles

Playing frisbee and walking are great ways to exercise. Take it to the beach? Exercise intensity doubles but, because you’re at the beach, it simply doesn’t feel like exercise. The resistance the body feels when it walks through sand makes any activity on a beach incredibly beneficial. A perfectly healthy, active person can walk through dry sand for 50 feet and feel winded because of that resistance. Sand is heavy, so when you push it and pull it around to build that epic sand castle with your kid… also a great workout.




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