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Women in Film: Actress and Screenwriter Chuti Tiu!

Award-winning actress Chuti Tiu receives rave reviews in “Pretty Rosebud”!

Actress and screenwriter, Chuti Tiu, has created a raw portrayal of how society places pressures on us to do certain things in life.  In her film, “Pretty Rosebud” (directed by Oscar Torre), Chuti illustrates the belief that society expects us to fulfill certain roles that we might not agree with.  And of course, family, our professions, culture and religion play a factor in what we feel we are obligated to do in life.

In her film, Chuti emphasizes the importance of being able to take off this societal mask in order to be true to oneself.


“Pretty Rosebud” not only deals with societal pressures, it also addresses the #metoo movement.  The protagonist in the film, Cissy, deals with sexual harassment the best way she can whether it is considered right or wrong.  And indeed, sexual harassment occurs in different societies to all kinds of people.  Chuti aims to make the clear statement that sexual harassment is no longer acceptable in any situation. And that women will no longer accept being harassed in silence.


Chuti was also inspired to write this film because she was initially frustrated by the stereotypical portrayal of Asians in the mainstream media.  She wanted to write a story that would more accurately portray Asian-American culture today.


And clearly, this is becoming a popular trend in light of the new film, “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Fresh Off the Boat” where Asians are not portrayed in a stereotypical light. Rather, “Pretty Rosebud” and these projects reflect a timely look at Asian-American life while challenging the stereotypes that are often seen as acceptable even today.


Chuti Tiu offers a fresh look at uncomfortable subject matter: racism, sexual harassment and the lack of women in the entertainment industry.  “Pretty Rosebud” is both challenging and entertaining and is a film that is simply worth seeing!


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