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You Will Fall in Love with this Modern Bridal Collection by Gemy Maalouf

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You won’t find these designs in the back of your mother’s closet.

Peplums, lace corsets, even the color blue, these dresses are the epitome of glamour. In Gemy Maalouf’s Bridal 2017 collection, there is not one dress that won’t make you say “Wow!”

Throwing a large gala at the Fairmount? There’s a dress for that. Throwing a beach wedding in the Bahamas? There’s a dress for that, too. While we could only dream to wear every one of these dresses, these are our top picks from their Bridal 2017 collection.


Dress #1

This lace see-through corset brings sex appeal to this stunning floor-length, tulip-shaped gown.




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