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Hoping That Avoiding The Oscars will “Put the Perverts Out of Business”

Trump fans are encouraging everyone to ban the 89th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. With the 2017 Academy Awards almost underway, in a bold move to support Donald Trump, fans of the President are urging others to boycott the ceremony because of “liberal Hollywood”.

Republicans are leaning on each other to fight against “bitter people of the entertainment industry”.  As a result, many are predicting this year’s awards ceremony will be the most politically charged ever.

A recent post by a Republican living in Arizona asked for the “backbone and decent people of America” to stand up against the “bitter people of the entertainment industry”.  And a recent Facebook post from a group, The Tempe Republican Women, asked that everyone supporting Trump avoid the Academy Awards this year to send a message to “arrogant, bitter, angry, and divisive Hollywood.” Still, others urging a boycott of the Oscars to “put the lying, socialist perverts out of business.”

And in an even more specific and odd request, fans of Trump are asking that if you watch the Oscars, to switch the channel to another station when an actor talks about Trump tonight, thereby creating a slump in the ratings. That is if you watch the show at all.  Seriously folks, would anyone actually take the time to do this?

We’re being told that Trump himself is not going to watch the show because he will be hosting the Governors Ball tonight. (We assume he has “more important” things to do.)

When asked earlier if Jimmy Kimmel, host of tonight’s ceremony, was going to be teasing Trump during the broadcast, one of the head writers of The Jimmy Kimmel show said, “It’s too early to write political jokes, because the things that are happening today will feel dated. If Trump doesn’t want to be on the broadcast, he has to be on his best behavior on the days leading up to it.”

The show is almost underway, are you going to watch it, boycott it in its entirely, or watch and switch channels sporadically when instructed?

The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony broadcasts at 5:30 PST/ 8:30 EST on ABC.




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