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Why You Should Use Foodstirs to Make Your Holiday Treats

You can have the scrumptious holiday goodies without the hassle.

Holiday baking doesn’t have to be difficult. Pinterest may make it look that way, but you’re not obligated to bake a tower of cupcakes or your favorite pie from scratch. We all have jobs that monopolize our time and many holiday events to attend. Who really has the time to spend four hours decorating Christmas cookies? Not many of us, that’s for sure.

It’s so much easier to bake a quick bread or coffee cake instead. And if you live in a small apartment with little room for baking supplies, or your family wants to hog the oven all the day, using a box mix can really save the day. Usually, we would vote against this and bake from scratch; but after using Foodstirs for a while, we were hooked as the mixes only use clean ingredients and the recipes are easy to veganize.


With every box, you can add your own oil, yogurt, milk, or egg replacement as needed. If it’s just a bread, cake, cookie, or brownie mix, often the prep time is 10 minutes or less and in the oven it goes!


This season we loved the Organic Chocolate Chippy Pumpkin Bread Mix and the Organic Warm Apple Spice Coffee Cake Mix. We used a chia seed mixture to replace the eggs but we didn’t sacrifice flavor, texture, or presentation to make it vegan.


When you buy a baked mix like Foodstirs, you can spend more time with your family and friends and less time slaving away in the kitchen. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Will you be trying Foodstirs for the holidays?

You can find Foodstirs at your local grocery store or at Target.




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