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Why We’ll Always Love Kate Spade

Maybe it was your first grown-up-girl purse. Maybe it was the flirty skirt you wore on your first date with the man of your dreams. Maybe it was just looking at an ad of a woman in a black and white polka-dot dress and thinking, “She looks adventurous. I want to be like that.” Whatever it was, your inner girl felt Kate Spade “got” you.

And no wonder. Her designs and those of the brand that bears her name are classic, flirty, fun, upbeat, celebratory, and quirky at times. Even the logo and name on the outside of every bag is a little tongue in cheek, yet oh so stylish. What on earth would we do if her business partner and husband had had a different last name? Like, say, Higginbotham? Gads.

The truth is, without Andrew Spade, there wouldn’t be Kate Spade anything, because designing those handbags was his idea. Even though she’d never designed anything, he encouraged her to try. Even though she knew exactly zero about how to make a purse, he believed in her. Her first mock ups were made out of paper and tape. Her first samples were made out of burlap. Then the couple spent five years putting everything they had into making it work.

She might not have started out a designer, but Kate’s imagination and sense of style will continue to influence us for decades. She instinctively knew that “getting” the modern woman is not just about designing clothes that a real woman wants to wear. It’s about lifestyle.Æliving colorfully, taking risks, and seeking adventure.

“Live Colorfully” is not only the name of the brand’s perfume, it’s their motto. Those burlap bags changed everything. Their fresh take on practicality and classy, clean lines made them remarkable, but the real surprise was the color.ÆHot Pink! Chartreuse! Orange! On a handbag! So go ahead, add that pop! Be bright! Be vibrant!

Take risks.Ædare to do what others aren’t doing.ÆYET. We only have the Kate Spade brand because Kate knew what made a great handbag and couldn’t find what she wanted. So she made something remarkable happen. And she kept making remarkable things happen. Try having a little more fun when you get dressed in the morning and choose something you think you might not be able to pull off.Æand then go out and rock it. Kate’s designs focused on bright colors, black and white polka dots, and whimsy at every turn, plus glitter and glitz and then, yeah, how about a little more color? So go ahead and wear that conversation starter piece of jewelry.Æyou never know who it might introduce you to. Be practical AND as fun as a glass of champagne.

Seek adventure. From the beginning, Kate broke from the norm and made things that showed us who we could be. Like handbags that allowed us to look professional, powerful, and fun. Her designs have always sought to tell a story.Æ”this is what a captivating woman with an intriguing life looks like.” So pick an outfit for the woman you’d like to be. Make yourself the icon.

Because Kate taught us that fashion isn’t about achieving a certain status, it’s about who you become as you wear it. It’s not all about making a statement.Æalthough when you wear Kate Spade, you DO make a statement. It’s more about accessing the visionary, the adventure seeker, the daring woman within you.

Who do you want to be today?



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