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Why Dani Mathers is the Worst Type of Bully

Bullying can take many forms. Whether it is bullying by children on the playground or bullying in the workplace, it is viewed by society as an unacceptable form of behavior. Body shaming is also a form of bullying. Body shaming is defined as “inappropriate, negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight, size, or shape.” Just say no to being a bully!

By now, just about everyone has heard about how 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Dani Mathers, body shamed a woman at her local gym. If you are one of the few who haven’t heard about this scandal … Dani posted a picture to her Snapchat account of a completely naked woman cleaning herself after a workout at LA Fitness. Dani also posted an image of herself with her hand over her mouth with the phrase, “If I can’t unsee this, you can’t either.”

Going against the strict guidelines that LA Fitness has for privacy, a representative from the club said Dani is banned from their locations forever. The spokesperson said, “Her behavior is appalling and puts every member’s privacy at risk.” LA Fitness also called the police regarding this situation and it is now being criminally investigated.

Dani responded to the onslaught of negative comments by saying, “I only meant to send it to one person” and “this is not what I’m about”. This apology is especially insincere and only further enraged others. Is she saying she can attack others in private, but just not in public? And clearly, actions speak louder than words. This is indeed what you are about, Dani. Your apology is not sincere. You are not sorry for your actions. You are only sorry you got caught.

Dani took the power of consent away from this woman who is probably a mother merely trying to better herself at the gym. She had no idea someone was taking a photo of her fully nude while she cleaned up after a morning workout. While Mathers might also have nude images, hers are carefully crafted with the help of professional photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and good lighting. This woman had her privacy invaded in a private place where she was supposed to feel safe.

One woman told us that she recently started a membership at that very LA Fitness where this occurred. She said invasion of privacy and judgment is the very thing she feared the most when starting a gym, because she doesn’t feel she looks her best either. This is indeed the very reason why many women find it difficult to start on the path to physical improvement.

In a world where women are constantly under scrutiny for their appearance, it is shocking to see a woman who was voted Playmate of the Year, behaving this way. Body shaming of women is usually a tactic that lower level men use to disempower us. To see this sort of action done by a woman to another woman is disheartening. Women are already judged and praised far too much in our society by our outer beauty, rather than for who we are as a person. Womanhood is a sisterhood and we should be lifting one another up and supporting each other, not tearing down.

Dani Mathers might be young and attractive now, but youth and beauty don’t last forever. By revealing her true character, she is an example of someone who is empirically attractive, but ugly on the inside. Now, everyone else can see what she kept private.



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