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What’s Wholly-Awesome at Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Everyone knows that Whole Foods is the best chain grocery store for finding organic, vegan, and natural options for a great price. Let’s take a look at what’s wholesome at Whole Foods to see which delicious vegan foods are available almost exclusively at Whole Foods.


Frozen Vegan Pizza

If you combine all of your favorite things – pizza, vegan ideals, and convenience into one item, you get  the 365 Frozen Vegan Pizza. The 365 Everyday Value Vegan Pizza is extremely popular option made with whole wheat flour, and topped with olives, tomatoes, and Daiya Mozzarella Shreds.





Kite Hill Vegan, Non-Dairy “Cheese”

You might be wondering how cheese can be made without dairy… Whole Foods loves Kite Hill’s plant-based cheeses which are made from pure nut milks. Almonds harvested in California are the foundation for these “cheeses” before enzymes, cultures, and salt are added. The result? Flavor and texture that resemble traditional dairy cheese incredibly closely!


Whole-Foods-vegan-cheeses-Photo by Eva Kosmas Flores and Carey Nershi of

Photo by Eva Kosmas Flores and Carey Nershi of


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is an exclusive vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe on the WF website, which includes Whole wheat pastry flour, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, coconut oil, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, unsweetened plain almond milk, pure vanilla extract, and vegan mini chocolate chips. The recipe makes a cookie that’s simply to die for, but we certainly understand that you don’t always want to slave over a hot stove in order to enjoy a tasty vegan treat. For those times when you’re tired of baking but wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth, pick up a box of pre-made Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and snack on them as if you made them yourself!

PS. Always check their bakery section. They very often have very yummy vegan baked goods on hand!





Meatless Meatballs

Love the flavor of meatballs, but don’t want to eat the meat? Whole Foods has Meatless Meatballs – the perfect substitute for traditional meatballs made with beef or sausage. Instead of meat, Whole Foods uses wheat protein. They’re great on subs with marinara sauce, or in a mushroom gravy.



Organic Vegan Lasagna

Tofu is the star in this Whole Foods special – the Organic Vegan Lasagna made with Whole Wheat Pasta. It’s one of the most popular 365 Everyday Value organic products available at Whole Foods, so if you love lasagna don’t hesitate to pick one up today.




Chicken Breaded Nuggets

Whole Foods has a breaded chickenless nugget that is a brilliant substitute for regular chicken nuggets. They’re made without animal products, they’re cholesterol-free, and they contain no hydrogenated oils! Include them in a recipe, or simply use them as an appetizer to pair with one of Whole Foods organic dressings or dipping sauces.



Beyond Meat

Known as the “burger that bleads” and the” veggie burger for meat lovers” Beyond Meat has hit the vegan world strong! Both the burger patties and the ground “meat” are sold in the frozen section. Even if you know where to get them, they are often sold out befoer you get there. For now they are sold at select Whole Foods locations in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, New Mexico, Utah, Virginia, and now New York and California. California also has them in Bristol Farms, Ralphs, Pavillion’s, Sprouts, and even City Target! Find the locations nearest you HERE.


Vegan Alternatives for Your 4th of July Celebration-viva glam magazine-Beyond Burger



Being vegan doesn’t have to mean your options are limited in terms of quick meals. Whole Foods has you covered on vegan meal choices that are exclusive to their store.



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