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Who Wore H&M and Topshop on the Met Gala’s Red Carpet?

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Several celebrities wore the H&M and Topshop fast fashion labels at the Met Gala 2017.

Last night your favorite celebrities walked the red carpet for the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This annual fund-raiser helps raise money for the Costume Institute that is the only curatorial department at the museum that has to raise money for itself.

Several celebrities were seen wearing H&M and Topshop. And while these stars look gorgeous and the designs were incredible, we couldn’t help but be reminded that these two labels are synonymous with fast fashion. That’s right, ICYDK, H&M and Topshop are known for creating fast fashion and profiting off cheap labor in Third World countries. In fact, some laborers are paid $2.90 US a day. And that is certainly not enough to live on by any humane standard.

And while H&M has various eco-programs, they are still a significant contributor to the ever-increasing problem of fast fashion. And while their designs looked flawless last night, is it hypocritical for these designers to be dressing celebrities when they make most of their money off the poor and inhumane practices? By looking at the designs last night, we can see what they are capable of. However, their business model leaves something to be desired.


credit: Neilson Bernard

Nicki Minaj looked regal in her vermillion red and black H&M gown.


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