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Who is the Newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie to be Announced?

Let’s see who the newest rookie is for SI 2018!

There’s a new rookie in town and she’s ready to appear in the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2018. Who is it? Sexy Raven Lyn!


Sailor Brinkley Cook also had the honor of announcing the news on FB Live. Sailor announced Raven as the sixth rookie that will appear in the 2018 issue of this highly anticipated magazine! She will appear alongside other rookies such as Alexis Ren and Chase Carter.

On Facebook Live, Sailor said, “Hello from Aruba! We are here to introduce the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 rookie and it is…Raven!”  Raven is somewhat of a newcomer to modeling, but has modeled already for known brands such as The Gap, Nike Levi’s, Sephora, Garnier, and Puma XO, among others.


And you can see why as this Minnesota native is a gorgeous cultural mix of African American, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Native American.


For her shoot in exotic Aruba, Raven wore a white thong one-piece bathing suit, a sexy gold bikini, and another light-colored bikini that was trimmed in pearls.

Sailor also shot in Aruba too! She posed on Flamingo Beach in the morning wearing a two-piece bikini covered in sequins and was so excited to be a SI Rookie. She said, “I am about to do my first official shot as an SI rookie and I’m so excited!’ We’re on Flamingo Beach and it couldn’t be a more perfect morning. I’m so excited!”


And MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor, said, “Sailor translates so well off the printed page — she takes beautiful pictures but that’s only one of the countless things she’s good at. Much like her mom, she embodies everything it means to be an SI Swimsuit model, but she’s doing it in a way that is very much her own.”


Congratulations to Raven, Sailor and to all of the new rookies for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2018! We can hardly wait to see it.



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Credit: Emmanuelle Hauguel


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