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Who are Sports Illustrated’s NEWEST Rookies?

Sports Illustrated announces its two newest rookies for the 2018 Swimsuit Issue!

So far, we’ve seen a brand new class of rookies for the newest issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Newbies Raven Lyn, Alexis Ren, and Chase Carter have already been announced. Sailor Brinkley, daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley, is also thrilled to join the 2018 class!  And now, two more models are proud to be shooting for the 2018 edition. Who are they?  Real life best friends, Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs!


These besties posed together for their shoot in exotic Aruba and are originally from Australia.  Georgia is a US size 2 and Kate is a plus sized model at a US size 12! The two have gain notoriety for promoting healthy and positive body images.


In fact, they created a website together, Any Body Co., that promotes “self love, societal acceptance and learning to quit the comparisons and love, any body.”  They decided to do this after bullies shamed Kate for being overweight and Georgia for looking anorexic.  They wrote, “We aim for women and men to erase their beauty standards and quit the comparisons, we aim to one day walk down the same catwalk together not in separate shows, encourage more brands to embrace health in all sizes and to empower women to love their skin.”


In Aruba, these BFF posed in similar bathing suits including a shimmery black one piece! Their hair was styled in a simple way with natural, beachy waves. Their makeup was light and barely-there. They looked so similar, you would almost believe they were sisters!


If you remember Georgia, she took part in a casting video in 2016 for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  She said in her clip that Australians don’t ride kangaroos to work and don’t have koalas in their backyard. She elaborated, “I’m from the country though, so I guess I have a bit of a warped perception, because I did have kangaroos in my back garden.” She also loves horseback riding, dancing, and is crazy about animals and posting dog videos on Facebook for her friends.

Kate and Georgia are numbers five and six of the rookies that have been announced for the upcoming 2018 issue. Congratulations to all of the new rookies and we look forward to seeing the issue that will appear early next year!


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