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Where the VIVA GLAM Team Wants to Travel This Summer

Traveling is our favorite, and while we get really excited to revisit our favorite places, we absolutely love finding new places to go. Here’s where the VIVA GLAM Team wants to travel this summer.




Czech Republic

What’s not to love or want when you think about going to a place with amazing castles and chateaux, world-class spas, countryside that’s only touched by nature, cities that have centuries of history preserved, and legendary cuisine? For these reasons, we’re dying to travel to the Czech Republic. Some specific locations on our wish list? The fashion-forward streets of Prague, and castle and littered lands of Moravia and Silesia.



Turin, Italy

Sure, Florence and Rome and Positano all have incredible boasts, but Turin is the overlooked central Italian town that has our heart for future travel.  Baroque cafes, exquisite architecture, shopping promenades and world famous museums are all prime reasons for us wanting to get lost exploring its windy streets.


View of Turin over the Po River - Italy



Whitecaps, deep, crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, dormant volcanos and lush rainforests beckon us to visit Nicaragua this spring. If the scenery doesn’t do it, you better believe that the laidback locals will. There’s no better place to meet kind people, see the sights, and enjoy a cocktail on the beach.


Cathedral of Granada, Nicaragua, Central America


Tokyo, Japan

While many countries in the world seem to have been touched in some way by “America”, Japan is not one (for the most part).  Even with Tokyo being “westernized” as much as it is, it is still known to provide a completely unique cultural experience. Upon stepping foot outside of the airport there, any tourist will feel completely submerged in a unique culture that is a world away from their own. Temples, fashion emporiums, luxury hotels, the Imperial Palace and Gardens, and a wealth of history have us lining up fast to get on the next flight there.


Senso-ji Temple (also known as Asakusa Kannon) is the most important of Tokyo's buddhist temples which traces its history back to 628. The Hozo-mon Gate is the greatest of the 2 gates protecting the access to the main temple hall. The curent form is a reconstruction in 1964 made of concrete of the original wooden building. HDR image taken at sunset time. There are traces of smoke from burned inscents in the right-top corner of the sky.


Miami, Florida

If you’re anything like us, you love a good beach party and there’s nothing quite like dancing the night away outside in the warm breeze at an outdoor beachside club. Miami has all of this and more and has proven to be the perfect place for sunshine beach lovers all over the world. There’s shopping, luxury hotels, fantastic cuisine, access to the nearby infamous Florida Everglades, and entertainment is not at all hard to come by. We might just want to make a trip with our girlfriends, one with our significant other, and one completely solo to enjoy every aspect of the great city of Miami.


Lifeguard Stand In South Beach Miami, Florida




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