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When is Too Old to Wear a Bikini?

Last week, writer Janet Street- Porter stated that no woman over 20 should wear a bikini. Since then, a host of women on social networking over 20 have disagreed by saying they are proof that there is no age limit to looking good on the beach.


Janet Street-Porter said, “It’s a total mystery to me why grown women think that putting all of their bits on display and hoisting up their breasts like a pair of half-set jellies on a plate makes them seem alluring, sexy or seductive. What grown woman in her right mind deluded herself that her body will ever be “ready” for this ridiculous garment?”


But several women over 50, including actress Helen Mirren and Goldie Hawn have been spotted on the beach in a bikini. And others have disagreed with Street-Porter by saying that they head to the gym at 8am for a grueling 2-hour workout and feel body confident enough for a 2-piece swimsuit.

In fact, many women believe they actually look better in their 30’s and 40’s than they did in their 20’s.  With better diet, exercise and, as many have said, finding love, they are sexier than ever.


What do YOU think?  Should women over 20 cover up? Or should they flaunt their fantastic figures?


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