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What is the Latest Beauty Trend and is it for YOU?

Do you want to try the newest trend in beauty?

Okay, just when we’ve heard it all when it comes to beauty, the newest trend is, well, unusual to say the least. For the past year, glitter has been popular among Millennials and influencers and you’ve seen it all over social media. You’ve seen glitter in hair, eye shadow, lipstick, clothing, accessories and even on nipples. But now, beauty influencers are putting it somewhere else…their tongues.

That’s right, the newest beauty trend is putting glitter on your tongue. Well, I guess after you’ve placed sparkles everywhere else, making your tongue a bit more colorful and bright is the next step when it comes to beauty.

silver glitter tongue

This bizarre beauty trend got started when makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic was putting glitter on her lips and accidentally got some on her tongue. She realized it looked good. Now, it is all over Instagram with tons of followers sporting shimmery tongues!

If you are interested in wearing this look, know that you aren’t supposed to eat glitter. So if you put it on your tongue, you will probably accidentally swallow some. If eaten in small doses, it won’t do anything to you. However if you eat a lot, it can lead to stomach aches or intestinal blockages, so be careful. In addition, it can carry bacteria and is scratchy. And many people report the taste as not good to say the least. So maybe you should think twice about rocking this newest beauty trend!

green glitter tongue

And on an environmental note, glitter is not biodegradable in most cases. If it doesn’t decompose, you might be negatively harming the environment. However, there is glitter that is used on cakes that is edible. So, maybe this is a better option if you just simply HAVE to have the most sparkly tongue of them all!



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