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What is Natalie Portman’s Secret to Perfect Skin?

Natalie Portman’s diet plays a crucial role in her beauty!

Natalie Portman recently revealed her secret to flawless skin. The A-list actress previously had issues with adult acne and saw it disappear almost overnight after changing two things in her diet. What is her secret?

The Oscar-winning actress said she went from being a vegetarian to adopting a vegan diet. By eliminating eggs and dairy out of her diet, she saw her skin flare ups disappear! She said, “I’m vegan and I found my skin is much, much better than when I was a vegetarian. I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had a breakout after. That was definitely a discovery. It’s personal; everyone has different sensitivity.”

Indeed, with many skin experts saying that dairy now contains growth hormones and inflammatory substances, it is best to steer clear of it to maintain clear, flawless skin.  Many celebrities and actors are listening to this advice. Jared Leto, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck, and Olivia Wilde are just a handful of A-listers who have adopted a vegan diet.


In addition, celebrities are also choosing to wear only non-animal fashion after realizing that leather is also a by-product of the meat industry. After seeing the cruelty in the commercialized meat industry, many are taking a stance against it, including Pamela Anderson, Russell Brand, and Bill Gates.

While most people understand the cruelty in the meat industry, many are still unaware of the unacceptable practices in the dairy industry, especially when it comes to eggs.  Many don’t know that male chickens are deemed “unusable” in the egg industry and are immediately discarded and killed. Chickens are kept in overcrowded and dark living quarters, even if eggs are labeled “free range”.


There are many reasons why eliminating dairy and eggs out of your diet is a good thing. It is great for your skin, good for the environment and also for animal welfare!



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