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What Are the Top Trending Halloween Costumes for 2017?

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What Should YOU be for Halloween?

With Halloween only days away, what are you going to dress up as this year? If you haven’t already picked out a costume, you’re not alone. Many of us will wait until just before this holiday to choose an outfit to wear.  And if you are wondering what the top trending costumes are for the year, here are some that we think you will love! Whether you choose them for yourself or your loved ones, you just can’t go wrong dressing up as these characters for 2017!

Scary Clown– Stephen King’s “It” did surprisingly well at the box office earlier this year. This horror remake made scary clowns trending once again for Halloween! If you have little ones, you might not want to be as frightening. That’s okay, being a fun, happy clown is just as trending this year, too!


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