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What Are the Top 3 States in Northern America for Glamour?

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Who remembers The Beach Boys classic hit, “California Girls”?
In it, they talk about a bevvy of beauties from all over the country. From the Midwest farmer’s daughters to Northern girls, America has a wide variety of glamorous, gorgeous women from Coast to Coast. But where are the most glamorous
women in the US?
We took a poll and this is what we found:

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  1. California -The Beach Boys and David Lee Roth
    were right. California is home to some of the most beautiful and glamorous women in America. Why? With sun-baked blondes and brunette snow bunnies, California has just about every type of gorgeous woman the country has to offer. It is a melting pot and women from all over the world come to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. And California is known for the cult of the body. So bronzers, Mystic tans, working out and looking your absolute best is a priority here. Competition is high, so the beauty standard is at an all time high here in California.

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