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Westsider Cocktail Recipe

This ain’t your eastside cocktail!


The Westsider Cocktail is season-resistant and works wonderfully year-round! So, if you want to make your next get-together a little more custom and intriguing, serve up these delicious and visually appealing adult drinks.

We’ve all heard of the eastside cocktail, but these are a specialty of Alley Lounge in Los Angeles. So “Thank you So-Cal and Alley Lounge for bringing us this westside gift.”

Alley Lounge is the modest, elegant lounge hidden behind one of L.A.’s finest restaurants, FIN. They have given us their expert mixologist, Mando Aceves, to teach how to create this specialty drink.




Westsider Ingredients:

2 Cucumber cubes

2 Basil Leaves

1.5oz Aviation Gin

.75oz Chase Elderflower

.75oz Lime Juice




Westsider Steps:


  1. Muddle the basil leaves in your shaker cup

Note: It is important to muddle the basil before you do the cucumber, to better extract the leaves’ natural flavors and color.


  1. With the leaves still in shaker; add the cucumbers and begin to muddle


  1. Follow up by adding your Gin, Elderflower, and lime juice


  1. Add ice and give a hard 15-second shake.


  1. Double strain and pour into a martini glass, and add a basil or lime slice garnish


  1. Enjoy!




Mando Aceves is the bar manager at Alley Lounge, Culver City, Los Angeles. He attended culinary school, developing an acute understanding of flavors. Mando eventually shifted his passion from the kitchen to cocktails. The passionate flair to his crafted cocktails has landed him spots on a few shows, including “Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Vanderpump Rules,” and HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Mando’s balanced, creative, and seasonal cocktails are the epitome of his style.






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